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Our Pastor


In 1988, Pastor B.I., Jancy Samuel received the calling from God to move their young family from the safety of their Christian community in Southern India to the state of Gujarat in the north. With no knowledge of the culture or language, and with just ten dollars in their pockets, they uprooted their lives and took a huge step of faith as they chose to obey Christ and focus on reaching the unsaved and building his kingdom.

For the past 28 years, the Samuels' has been focused on the "Bless Asia" organization to see its growth and reach many unsaved through out Asia. The Samuels began their journey simply by taking prayer walks and prayer drives on their motor bike, handing out tracts, and singing a few simple songs that they had learned in the local language. Ministering to the community and the people has been their passion and as their next step in their ministry, Pr.BI Samuel' decided to take on the role as the senior Pastor of Ebenezer AG in Fall 2022. The Samuels' believe in breaking down barriers to draw us closer to Jesus and to enjoy His blessings in our lives and so, they believe in respecting people regardless of their social status, cultural background or way of life.  They have ministered to numerous families and especially those with sensitive situations and would gladly be available to serve you.  You can contact our Pastor at (847) 281-6890 or by e-mail at

Ebenezer AG Church is extremely proud and very blessed to have Pastor Samuel and his family as mentors and leaders for the members of this church and this community.

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